Table Top Scanner

topscanner1 Table Top Scanner

Table-Top Scanner

Our Table-Top Scanner consists of a versatile three axis (X-Y-Z) laboratory scanner specifically designed to perform eddy current, pulsed eddy current and ultrasonic inspections. The axes are mounted on an industrial grade table, ensuring high stability and rigidity. A spring loaded probe support is mounted on the Z axis in order to ensure constant probe contact with sample as well as to permit contour following of curved surfaces during inspections. The scanner’s elevated Y-Axis bridge and its automated Z-Axis enable the inspection of a wide range of sample sizes and shapes.

TecScan offers a completely integrated solution incorporating our table top scanner, an industrial enclosure housing all the required electronics, a workstation as well as our TecView™ software package. This user friendly software helps manage the entire NDT procedure, all the way from scanner motion control to data acquisition and analysis. In addition, our Table Top scanner can be customized to satisfy specific requirements.

This Table-Top scanner can handle multiple nondestructive testing applications, ranging from research and inspection procedure development activities, up to industrial inspections for corrosion mapping, inspection of fasteners, multi-layered structures, and more